A-ZX Series

by teamgoodlife.

In 1984 adidas released the original ZX series, a collection of footwear that was designed by Jaques Chassaing and Markus Thaler to meet the diverse needs and varying abilities of different runners. The series was originally split between both training and competition silhouettes with the ZX500 and ZX800; before the line was further diversified in the late 80s with the addition of a colour coded designs for pronation and supination, including Cushion 9 (Blue), Support (Yellow), Guidance (green) and Racing (Red). The ZX series became synonymous with adidas proprietary technology like the Torsion and Soft Cel systems.

Back in 2008, adidas launched the aZX project. An open-ended brief for limited edition collaborations on the ZX series; this was to be the most ambitious collaboration programme the sneaker world had seen.

Twenty-two of the worlds leading retailers were selected to participate, each was assigned a letter of the alphabet based on their name and given a choice of which model of the ZX series they would like to work on. All of the twenty-two participating stores met with adidas in Herzogenaurach; the German home/HQ of adidas; for 2 days to design their builds. The process and interviews where documented by the now defunct but always culturally relevant, Crooked Tongues, links bellow. The remaining 4 letters represented (I)n-Store, (O)rigninal Store, (Y)ou and a(Z)x; all where adidas’ own concepts. 

This was an opportunity for the worlds leading retailers to get creative with what was previously thought to be a strictly performance orientated product. The project allowed the worlds of lifestyle and performance to be drawn closer together over the coming years.

For teamgoodlife. heavy hitters from the series are the WOOD WOOD ZX9000, with its glorious white and grey bodywork and restrained use of orange colour pops. The Goodfoot ZX8000 with its grass green toe dip and contrasting grey mesh. The Footpatrol ZX800, executed the much loved Aqua colour block but with a full 3M upper. The ZX7000 Patta, inspired by the jacket worn by Jerry Sienfeld in “The Parking Garage” episode.

We are very excited that adidas is relaunching the A-ZX Series, with twenty-six new builds using the ZX “thousands” line. adidas has tapped a wide array of collaborators, while we cannot go into details yet; the new series is as groundbreaking as the original.

We have designed a Scratch Card that will be offered to customers with every purchase of an adidas Originals A-ZX drop. Scratch off the coated section on your card to reveal a variety of prize options that can be redeemed in-store.

Scratch card prizes will include:

  • Giveaway
  • thgoodcard. (AED100, AED250 or AED500)
  • Customized Tees
  • Golden Ticket*

Every scratch card also contains a unique serial number that gives customers a single raffle entry ticket for a raffle to be held after the A-ZX series concludes in 2021. The raffle prize and details will be confirmed before the end of A-ZX series.

Please click here for A-ZX Scratch Card terms and conditions.

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