Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago”

by teamgoodlife.

1985 will always be an iconic year for Nike, it was the year the Air Jordan 1 was released to the world, a sneaker that would go on to become the cultural icon we know today. However, it was also a time without inventory systems, which meant that human errors were more frequent. Sneakers were lost inside stockrooms, not to be found again until many years later. This pair playfully throws back to that era, and what an original 1985 version would look like if it were found in a dusty stockroom today.

Nike tells this story through the design elements and manufacturing of the silhouette. The designers took several original ’85 versions of the sneaker to identify the key tells of wear and tear, and nuances the shoe had over a long period of time. From the larger Swoosh and cracked ankle collars, to the slightly yellowed midsole and aged leather, Nike has emulated every aspect of the shoe to match one from ’85 would have. And they didn’t stop at the shoe. The OG box that the shoes arrive in purposely features a mismatched lid as if the shoes had been misplaced in the stockroom, or a mistake had been made without that inventory system. You’ll also find a vintage receipt inside the box, that replicates an original that retailers used in the pre-internet era.

This Air Jordan 1 High OG “Chicago” brings a nostalgic throwback vibe to the OG sneaker generation that was around to witness the original release, while also letting the new generation in for a sneak peek as to what it was like purchasing a pair in that era.

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