Bio Hack x Hadrien Villedieu

by teamgoodlife.

The “Bio Hack” is one of the most audacious colourways to grace the Air Jordan 1, the premium materials and vibrant colour blocking is superb in hand. Heavily inspired by UNDFTD’s 2005 Dunk High NL – NL indicating “No Liner” – the Bio Hack takes us back to the heyday of loud colours.

To celebrate the highly anticipated release, teamgoodlife. have taken their passion for footwear and food, and have tapped chef and Jordan brand enthusiast Hadrien Villedieu, to create a dynamic dessert inspired by the vivid colours and materials used in the AJ1 ‘Bio Hack’.

Having worked with culinary visionaries such as Joel Robuchon, Alain Passard and Jean Pierre Vigato, along with his world travels has allowed Hadrien to form his own culinary DNA, which we would like to share with you.

Hadrien has created a delicate sphere using chocolate from Valrhona, which is widely considered as one of the finest global purveyors of gastronomic chocolate. The sphere is splashed with dynamic flicks of colour inspired by the lively Air Jordan 1 ‘Bio Hack’. Inside is a balanced mix of ingredients that playfully highlight the colour, flavour and texture of the sneaker. White Opalys whipped ganache, clear brown miso, praline salted caramel, pistachio, matcha cake, orange honeycomb and caramelized choux-choux, all work together to offer a unique experience for your senses. In turn, creating a culinary experience that represents the emotions and excitement experienced by this sneaker.

The work of a chef and that of a shoe designer is very similar. Both are created for the pleasure of those who experience it; both consider the relationships of multiple elements forming a greater whole and both have a crafted approach towards its presentation. You eat with your eyes first; this has never been more true; whether salivating over the next delicious sneaker release or your next tantalizing meal.