Cubitts: The Modern Spectacle Maker

by teamgoodlife.

Cubitts, an artisanal eyeglass manufacturer, was founded in 2013 from the kitchen table of a flat on Cubitt street in Kings Cross, London. The company makes handcrafted frames and sunglasses, constructed with pins that secure the acetate based on a rivet designed by Lewis Cubitt, one of three Cubitt brothers who inspired the brand name.

“I named the company Cubitts after the first street I lived on when I first arrived in London. Those brothers revolutionised the building industry, fuelling the industrial revolution. I thought that was a really cool principle to base my business on: to take a very old industry and shake it up, while staying true to the quality and experience of a long tradition.” Says founder Tom Broughton.

Like their namesake Lewis Cubitt, the brand avoids external branding and uses the rivets only when they serve a functional purpose. They aspire to simple, timeless design, with an emphasis on modernity and an absolute ban on unnecessary bows and whistles. Cubitts aims to relentlessly improve, streamline and adapt.

Each Cubitts frame goes through 50 traditional crafting stages – including four separate polishings alone – and the resulting glasses have been heralded as some of the best in the business. Each style is named for London streets and handmade with custom parts.

Cubitts eyewear is now available online and in-store.