Introducing Gramicci

by teamgoodlife.

Gramicci is a brand that specializes in outdoor and activewear clothing, first founded out of Ventura, California in 1982, the brand is loved for its focus on durability and functionality. Its products are made from high-quality, breathable materials that are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor activities.

Famous mostly for their trousers and shorts, which quickly gained notoriety in the climbing world for being seemingly indestructible. Pants which, were highly desirable for the new school of climbers. Word of these pants spread quickly and their popularity wasn’t limited to rock climbers – by the mid-80s a small population of surfers and skaters were rocking a pair of the simple yet effective apparel piece.

The brand has found more recent relevance in Japan, a consumer known for their love of quality, built-to-last brands with a good back story. Sturdy fabrics and construction techniques ensure that its clothing will hold up against the elements and the wear and tear of outdoor activities, while many of the brand’s products feature practical design elements such as climbing-related pockets and ventilation systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

The early days of streetwear saw stylish clothing made strictly for style, and functional clothing strictly for function. The two rarely crossed paths. When we think of streetwear and much of fashion today, we instinctively look for those technical features that make the garment more than “just a garment”. Today Gramicci is bridging the gap between the two to give us an equal share of both.

Our collection of Gramicci ranges from trousers and shorts, tees and hoodies, to hats, bags, and accessories.

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