Native Sons

by teamgoodlife.

Native Sons is a luxury eyewear and accessories brand founded in 2012 and headed by eyewear legend Tommy O’Gara, former president/director of DITA Asia, and Shinsuke Takizawa, creator of NEIGHBORHOOD. The Brand is named for the native sons who returned from Wolrd War II and kick started the “Industrial Design Revolution” with both avant-garde and utilitarian designs that are still admired today.

O’Gara’s move to Japan introduced him to a Zen-like approach to eyewear production. “In Japanese, we say, koritsu-ga ii. It’s a triangle, a very efficient triangle, from concept to store, from the drawing board to the end-user. The way of bringing the collections together, the sampling and prototyping, and bringing it out in the market is very efficient,” says O’Gara. 

This fabled triangle starts with O’Gara’s sketchbook. “At first, it’s introspective, but it has to come out. You can’t design inside your mind all the time. I draw emotionally, and then I start to build it from there,” he shared of being more inspired by music and films than general eyewear trends or directions. “I look at cars, airplanes, bikes, knives, and things like that. So when I design a component, it has a vibe behind it.”

Handcrafted at Tommy’s theLIGHT Co. Ltd. factory, Native Sons uses old world manufacturing methods using only the best materials available. All acetate frames are cellulose based and feature a signature star-nut hinge configuration, while the metal frames are created with high-grade titanium, each with antique plating and hand finished details. Each frame is carefully quality controlled, shaped and packaged by theLIGHT’s Logistics, these products will last a lifetime.

Native Sons eyewear is now available online and in-store.