NB x Joe Freshgoods “Outside Clothes”

by teamgoodlife.

New Balance and Joe Freshgoods team up again for a MADE 990v3 execution dubbed “Outside Clothes”.

From Chicago’s west side, Joe Freshgoods is a designer and creative director that uses a unique blend of brand narrative and historical and cultural references. As an avid proponent of arts education, his real mission is to tell stories through his collections. This unique approach allowed him to work alongside brands globally.

As a follow up to his “No Emotions Are Emotions” release in 2020, New Balance and Joe Freshgoods latest creation, the “Outside Clothes” collection, bring us all back to our childhood games of playing outside.

Joe Freshgoods transforms the 990v3 into a physical representation of the great outdoors. The brown suede represents dirt, the blue mesh mimics the sky, and the green accents are reminiscent of grass.

“I didn’t realize until last year how much the act of being outside had played a major part in my career,” said Joe “Freshgoods” Robinson. “Sometimes it takes something being taken away from you to realize what it means to you. And that’s really what inspired this shoe. To me, being told you smell like outside represents the early stages of what fun meant. From neighborhood block parties to hanging on the porch all day with your homies, you knew you had a wild day when your mom said you smelled like outside.”

The MADE 99v3 “Outside Clothes” releases via online raffle on 10th September 2021

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