thegoodlife. baba hat

by teamgoodlife.

Baba/?b??b??/noun – a father, often also used as a title or form of address for any older man, showing respect.

Our limited edition 90s era dad hat is a tribute to both our past and present. Using premium brush back suede as our canvas, we wanted to pay tribute to the love story we have with thegoodlife.

The basalt grey colour of the unstructured crown has been used in our store’s architecture for over ten years while the embroidered morse code deciphers to our two different door numbers, in Dubai and Beirut. The two varied visor hues; crème and raw cement, create either a contrasting or complimentary aesthetic. The build is finished with a synthetic stingray tuck strap and an ageing copper buckle.

P.S. No stingrays were hurt as part of this production.

thegoodlife. will release the crème and raw cement Baba hats online and in-store on Saturday October 19th at 10am priced at AED 199.