ASICSTiger x Disney - A Cinematic Classic Meets Timeless Design

December 16, 2017

ASICSTiger x Disney - A Cinematic Classic Meets Timeless Design

Once upon a time there was a film that changed cinema history.

80 years since Disney’s Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs first entertained audiences around the world, ASICSTIGER now partners with Disney to create a collection to celebrate this iconic movie’s anniversary.

“The Snow White” GEL-LYTE shoe fuses copious amounts of references and details, from the apple print sockliner, to the red bow and velvet overlays (referencing Snow White’s cape), the story is played out with every stride.

Similarly “The Evil Queen” GEL-LYTE shoe incorporates wicked details for the mischievous street stylist. From the premium colour palette and materials, such as the crown designed tongue, the purple pop and the gold glitter outsole relating back to the Evil Queen’s distinguishing clothes.

For the first time ASICSTIGER brings the GEL-LYTE shoe to kids, with the launch of the shoe models, “The Seven Dwarfs” GEL-LYTE GS (TM). Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey are all brought to life in their own unique way, with fleece lining , black laces, print and material combinations inspired by the Dwarfs’ bedframe and colour palettes matching each Dwarf outfit.

To launch the collection, ASICSTIGER partnered with Amsterdam based dance school, Global Dance Crew, weaving the classical musical fairytale with a contemporary hip-hop narrative.