Gel-Lyte V Sanze - Spanning the Past, Present, and Future

February 12, 2018

Gel-Lyte V Sanze - Spanning the Past, Present, and Future

For over three decades GEL technology has been central to ASICSTIGER's offering. The GEL-Lyte V Sanze takes this tech to a whole new level. 

According to ASICS, this new silhouette leads the way for the brands future and marks the 100 years since the birth of their founder Kihachiro Onitsuka.

The design of the GEL-Lyte V Sanze has its roots in the iconic GEL-Lyte V, which has been a fan favourite since its release in the early 90's. Looking past the Sanze's contemporary aesthetic, this release introduces their GEL sealant technology and takes the brand's proprietary technology to new heights.

Typically, all the shock-absorbing GEL is hidden away in the soles of ASICSTIGER sneakers. However, the GEL-Lyte V Sanze displays this rarely seen GEL beneath the heel in a resin-coated capsule. The GEL continues to provide the smooth comfort we've come to love from ASICSTIGER and the resin sealant increases support and stability. The Mono-Sock upper and wrap lacing system only add to the comfort of the sneaker.

ASICSTIGER is looking to depart from its typical ways and wants to break new ground with their tech with sleek and contemporary designs.