Air Max 1 OG “Game Royal” - continuing its 30th anniversary

October 12, 2017

Air Max 1 OG “Game Royal” - continuing its 30th anniversary

Following the recent drop of the “University Red”, Nike’s Air Max 1 will continue its anniversary celebration with the “Game Royal” with a restock in October.

Below is just a few things you might've not known about this iconic shoe, which explains why, for many, this is the one that started it all. 

The Japanese retailer atmos was the first to collab with Nike on the Air Max 1. They combined elements of the Nike Air Safari with the silhouette of the Air Max 1, in what is now regarded as one of the greatest Air Max 1 colorways of all time. 

When the visible air bubble was first introduced alot of people doubted its durability and thought it would puncture. As it turned out, the Air bag generally outlived the midsole it was embedded in.

The Air Max 1 started a running revolution that Nike continues to capitalise on till this day. After its introduction in 1987, the company posted some of its best financials ever, and put Nike on the global map of sneakers. 

Tinker Hatfield's design is based on Le Centres George Pompidou in Paris, which is famous for its "inside out" architecture. Hence, the visible air bubble. The bold colourway of the sports red was chosen, similarly to the brightly painted centre, to be noticeable from a distance. 

There's so much history in the Air Max line, that's its hard to imagine that the technology that we've all come to associate with Nike was actually first presented to other companies. The founder of Nike, Phil Knight, recognised the potential and the rest is history. 

The air cushioning isn't actually air. Initially sulfur hexafluoride was used to fill the cushioning units in the Nike Air Max 1. In more recent years, nitrogen has been used, due to the harmful effects of sulfur hexafluoride.


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