Save the Oceans with adidas x Parley - 40% Off Full Priced Items

September 14, 2018

Save the Oceans with adidas x Parley - 40% Off Full Priced Items

In support of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, which fall on the September 15th, The Good Life is offering 40% off all full priced adidas x Parley items. In their long standing collaboration, adidas and Parley are working to save marine wild life by preventing plastic from entering our oceans.

Every year, countless of tons of garbage winds up in the oceans with about 60% of it being made up of plastic material waste. Plastics, in particular, last a very long time in the ocean and are in such abundance that it’s estimated that there are 46,000 individual pieces of plastic for every square mile of ocean.

Plastics have a heavy toll marine wildlife, and are directly responsible for the death of 100,000 marine mammals annually, millions of birds and countless fish. Coastal Cleanup Day encourages people all over the world to get out to their local beaches and help limit this problem by cleaning up the garbage that washes up on shores, as well as, what was left behind by visitors.

This trash impacts us directly as well, as more and more micro-particles are being found in the flesh of the fish we eat. It is impacting the livelihood of all those who work on the ocean, and is economically damaging to tourism.   

The international Coastal Cleanup Day began more than 30-years ago as a way to help clean up coastal areas and to identify ways to eliminate ocean trash in the future.

To help in this effort, adidas has been collaborating with Parley, a think-tank focused on addressing major threats towards our oceans. They focus on trying to prevent plastic from entering our oceans and to transform it into high-performance sportswear. They’re trying to spin the problem into a solution from threat to thread.

Check out the adidas x Parley collection found at The Good Life, which is partially made out of recycled Parley Ocean Plastic - created from up-cycled plastic waste that has been intercepted on beaches and coastal communities.   

- 40% Off All adidas x Parley
- Timeframe: Saturday September 15th at 00:00 GST ends on Monday September 17th at 23:59 GST
- Online & In-Store
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