The Good Life Events: Celebrating Grey Day with New Balance

March 29, 2018

The Good Life Events: Celebrating Grey Day with New Balance

To celebrate the revamp of New Balance’s classic 574 silhouette, The Good Life hosted an event to showcase the brand’s iconic shoe in the new grey-on-grey colourway.

Held on March 15th (New Balance ‘Grey Day’), sneakerheads from Dubai came together to pay homage to the neutral colour palette while honouring the legacy of their classic running heritage.

Grey as a form of art, was a common theme running through the entire event. Guests at The Good Life were led through an illuminated archway directing them straight to the display of the iconic 574. The emblematic “N” logo was also adorned artistically throughout the space by local graffiti artist Just One from Blue Cave DXB, and customised t-shirts were spray painted for guests to take home. Live music and grey-themed refreshments were also available to fuel the evening.

Celebrated in more than 20 cities globally, ‘Grey Day’ saw the likes of Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia all hosting similar cultural events and themed parties.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when New Balance decided to embrace the now-iconic grey scheme, however the brand wanted to go against the grain of bright neons that were saturating the running shoe market, and offer a ‘no frills’ approach to their classic silhouette. A timeless shoe that reveals the true quality of their product in its purest form.

Artist Instagram: @just_oner2 // @bluecavedxb