Nike x Parra Air Max 1 & Zoom Spiridon - Dutch Dynamics

July 19, 2018

Nike x Parra Air Max 1 & Zoom Spiridon - Dutch Dynamics

Almost a decade since Dutch artist Piet Parra dropped his last Air Max 1 design, he’s back with yet another iconic release. This time, fans can expect two drops from the creative genius, a reimagined Air Max 1 and the Zoom Spiridon. Staying true to the artist’s illustrative style, both silhouettes feature an abstract mash up of polka dots and stripes inspired by the city and countryside.

Responsible for some of the most coveted Air Max 1 colourways in history, the "Cherrywood" and the "Amsterdam", the pressure was on to design something that would work for both the long-standing collectors and newcomers to the sneaker scene.

The initial concept stage started with a few simple questions. “Who is the audience today? What risks can be taken? How can I do something that has not already been done?”

“I made a drawing first and then thought, ‘How can I get a shoe to be involved in this piece?’" he says. “Back in the day, I was thinking color blocking. I didn't think about that this time. I just wanted to make cool work and then see how the shoe can relate to it.”

One of the most evident design features of the Air Max 1 friends and family version, is the withholding of the shoe’s lateral Swoosh. “It freed up that panel to incorporate the cloud that's in it now. But I was also very — and still am —very afraid what people will think of it. It does change the shoe visually.” While the risk opened up possibility, it also instilled in Parra a new confidence in pushing collaborative boundaries. “In some weird way, I feel freer now than earlier in my career” he notes.

On the retail version of the Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon, Parra’s pattern is expanded across the silhouettes, both carrying the blue Swoosh, with his autograph appearing on the forefoot. The fun twist is that the two shoes reveal the signature placement’s origin. “The Spiridon has that little Swoosh on the front. The first time saw that I thought, That's perfect. You put your little logo there" he says.

The Good Life will release the Nike x Parra Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon via an in-store live raffle on 21st July 2018.


  • Registration between 11AM-1PM GST
  • All participants will receive a unique bracelet
  • One bracelet per silhouette 
  • Each bracelet has a detachable coupon with a unique code
  • Participants will need to drop their coupon in the corresponding size box 
  • You are allowed to enter the raffle for both pairs (Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon)
  • We stop giving out bracelets at 1PM sharp (while stocks last) at which point the live draw begins
  • 1 entry per person per silhouette
  • You can only register in your true size
  • You may win both silhouettes 
  • Price AM1 AED769, Spriridon AED729
  • Sizes UK 3.5 - 12