Gramicci Gadget Pant

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These pants seamlessly blend modern functionality for gadget storage with the enduring climbing-inspired design that defines Gramicci's heritage. One of their standout features is the spacious pockets that span from the front to the back, providing ample room for gadgets and essentials. The silhouette of these pants exudes a comfortable looseness, ensuring unrestricted movement. To enhance durability and utility, we've incorporated tough canvas material for these pockets. An additional striking aspect is the contrast created by the garment dyeing process between the two types of materials. Furthermore, the D-ring on the right side, adorned with the brand logo, serves as a practical addition for both outdoor adventures and urban settings, accommodating keys and bottles. Crafted from 100% organic cotton twill, these pants possess exceptional durability, tension, and stiffness, capable of withstanding rigorous activities while developing a distinctive character in their appearance through the dyeing process.


100% Organic Cotton
Large Wrap Around Pockets
Flexible Waistband With Easy-Adjust Belt To Optimise Comfortability
Style code: G105-OGT
Colourway: Black

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