Native Sons Giger

AED 1,599.00

Japan's Native Sons is inpired Messrs Tommy O'Gara and Neighborhood's Shinsuke Takizawa love for mid-century Americana. The duo recreate the simplicity and the longevity of design from post-WWII Expressionism. Handcrafted to perfection, It is estimated that each pair passes through the hands of 144 people from first sketch to final product. The Octogon shaped of the Giger sunglasses gives that vintage feel and uses a lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant titanium material.

Antique gold-tone accents
Long diamond-tooled core wires
Star-nut configuration
Arrow shaped hinge design
100% UV protection
Custom leather carrying case
Handcrafted in Japan
Style Code: 01-NSM-019E
Frame: Antique Gold
Lens: Green

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