Norse Projects Jon Tech Merino LS Polo

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This polo shirt is knitted from a blend of extra fine merino wool, enhanced with innovative 37.5® technology. This luxurious yarn not only feels soft but is also exceptionally breathable, benefiting from the inherent properties of merino wool. The ingenious technology works to maintain your body's ideal core temperature of 37.5°C and regulates the microclimate adjacent to your skin at the optimal relative humidity of 37.5%. In warm conditions, patented active particles within the material swiftly wick away moisture in its vapour state before it turns into liquid sweat. Conversely, when you're feeling chilly, these natural-derived active particles efficiently trap your body's warmth to keep you comfortably snug. Importantly, this technology is permanent and enduring, lasting the entire lifetime of the garment as it's not merely a surface treatment. Thanks to this fabric, the polo shirt proves to be equally suitable for everyday wear and various active pursuits.


65% Extrafine Merino Wool, 35% Polyester
16 Gauge 1 Ply
Regular Fit
Machine Wash
Style code: N45-0593-0909
Colourway: Sand

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