Sneaker ER Midsole Paint Pen

AED 75.00

Sneakers ER comes from the brains of close friends from Glasgow who are regarded as some of the world’s best sneaker restorers. Alan and Rob have spent have spent years perfecting the materials and formulas for their products, sourcing locally and responsibly to keep your sneakers in mint condition. The Sneakers ER premium midsole paint pen comes in a wide variety of colours to bring your beloved grails back to life.

1 Pen per order.


1. Shake Midsole Paint Pen well before use.
2. Apply a thin coat of midsole paint.
3. Allow to dry for 1 hour.
4. Repeat the process with a second coat.
5. Apply more coats if necessary.
6. Allow to completely dry for 48 hours before use.

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