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The fascination for cultures, creativity and nature have brought SOCKSSS together to create a platform for expression. Continuously exploring concepts and art to create beautiful and high quality “foot-garments” that last. Created from natural materials, SOCKSSS is about exploring and understanding how to create products that enriches life while taking our environment into consideration. The Jbay is made of an organic cotton blend for ultimate quality. Ribbed cuffs construction, thicker underneath for comfort and thinner on top for breathability. Perfect for all seasons.



Made in Portugal
80% Organic Cotton
17% Polyamide
3% Elastane
Triple Dip-dyed
Style code: S055
Colourway: Dungeons



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S/M: UK3-7, US4-8, EU36-40
M/L: UK8-12, US9-13, EU41-46

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